Automotive Window Tinting

Classic Window Film specialize in working with any vehicle on the market today.

First is looks, change the look of your car to give it your personal touch. A slight car window tinting shade will accent the glass around you. A medium shade makes it look very classy. How about the sporty look, dark on the rear section and a little lighter on the front two doors so you stay under the radar. What ever flavor of car window tinting you like. When you come in to our shop Alex will personally hold up the different car window tinting shades to your car so you can get a feel for what the car will look like before the car window tinting is applied.

Second is comfort, glare and heat reduction will determine how comfortable you feel. Classic Window Film offers many lines of car window tinting for you to choose from. All lines of car window tinting offer the same glare reduction depending on how dark you choose. Heat reduction will range from good to great depending on the car window tinting series you choose.

Your car is an extension of who you are and carries your personality. Do you want a sporty look, a classy look or are you just looking for a cool efficient ride? All our car window tinting is designed to suit your specific needs. Alex has good, better, best, options because you deserve to have a choice.