Classic Window Film specializes in superior window tinting services for both commercial and residential buildings in the Tampa Bay Area. We carry a wide range of solar control, safety and decorative tinting options suitable for every budget.

Our window tinting film provides significant benefits

  • Window tinting film keeps your interior from fading and protects you from damaging sunrays; the film is designed to reduce the effects of solar heat, radiation and visible light on your furnishings, fabrics, carpets, flooring, wood, paintings, etc. and will block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation.
  • Applying window tinting film results in increased comfort, preservation of belongings and lowered energy bills. From our experience, typical energy savings take less than 5 years, and some cases, as low as 1.5 years. We offer a comprehensive analysis to calculate energy saving costs.
  • Payback periods vary depending on type glass or film, cost of air conditioning and heating, demand rates and cost of the installation.
  • Create the effect to one-way mirror,given the proper lighting allowing a person to be undetected while viewing into an adjoining space.
  • Superior heat reduction to increased comfort and minimize the cold spot.
  • Significant fade protection reduction, furniture,carpet,draperies,wood,blinds,etc,-99% uv radiation damage.

An Example of Savings based on our Window Tint

  • An existing building with 500,000 sq.ft of office space on 20 floors, equipped with 30,000 sq.ft of single pane glass windows.
  • Projected reduction in energy use: 397,656 kwh. Average cost per kwh: $.125.
  • Projected reduction in annual energy spending: $ 49,707.

Classic Window Film offers a full range of professional Frosted Film suitable for every purpose, style and décor, with quick and seamless installation.

The application of frosted window film provides:

  • Privacy. The film on window and glass creates an etched or frosted partition to enhance privacy or create tranquil atmosphere while still allowing the majority of light to enter.
  • Reduced interior glare and hot spots.
  • An ideal medium for creative expression.
  • Upgraded look of hallways, elevators, foyers, boardrooms, and reception areas in hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, dental offices and other professional as well as residential settings.
  • Advertising for your business by create lettering and signs.

The Alternative

A preferred medium to sandblasted is graphic film. Film has the look and feel of sandblasted glass and can be custom to almost any pattern and applied on-site at less cost. The best feature of film is the ease with fingerprint, smudges and stains can be removed by ordinary glass cleaner. Also with film, an old design or logo can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

Concerns With Sandblasted Glass

There are many graphic medium that can be considered but the most common has been the sandblast finish. While sandblasting can create the desire effect on glass, there are number of downsides to using this medium. Sandblasting is not only expensive but sandblasted glass is difficult to maintain since finger prints and other stains can easily be removed.

Security and Safety Window Film for Chatter Glass

Classic Window Film provides quality security window film options that will protect your premises against intrusions, explosions, breakage, natural forces and vandalism. We offer a simple and cost-effective way to protect both businesses and homeowners.

Safety films help preserve shattered glass and protect building occupants.Anything from a stray ball to a violent storm can send dangerous shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage or injury. Safety films keep pieces of glass together upon impact, whether due to accidents, natural disasters, break-ins, vandalism or explosions.

  • Tough resilient safety films are composed of incredibly strong, opts quality polyester, high-grade ultraviolet inhibitors and special laminating and mounting adhesives, with a protective, scratch-resistant coating.
  • Pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive helps hold glass in place when natural disaster vandalism, explosions, bomb blasts and other incidents result in glass breakage.
  • Solar versions of safety films reject up to 80% of the sun’s total solar energy to improve occupant comfort, reduce energy consumption, and improve exterior aesthetics, while still affording increased protection.
  • Both clear safety and solar safety versions block nearly 100% of the sun’s destructive ultraviolet light from entering through windows to provide protection from premature fading and deterioration of furnishings.
  • Safety window films are manufactured in thickness between 2 Mil (50 micron) and 14 Mil (350 micron).
  • Safety window films are backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty and are easy to dean and maintain.